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Luchismart Software

LuchiSmart is a cutting-edge AI Enabled cloud-based access control for Multifamily, commercial Real estate, businesses etc, Luchismart Also extends to Workforce and Productivity Time tracking software that helps businesses manage their premises and protect their assets. Our software is easy to use with the help of Artificial intelligence and helps businesses keep track of who is entering and exiting their premises, as well as keeping track of employee hours.

video Intercom, Surveillance & Access control

With the visual verification,video surveillance, mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio. Luchismart Software has rich a security benchmark to profer everlasting solution

Time, Attendance and Productivity Tracking

Record, Access and Track your Employee performance with our AI Enabled Luchismart Software and Hardware devices, no more excuses and time wasting , you can export your data to either HR or Payroll all from one dashboard

Smart Access Solutions

Seamless Access and Real time data and Analytics transform your spaces into secure and streamlined resources

Video Intercom and Surveillance

With the video intercom features, you can have a two way audio intercommunication with visitors and have it records in the system

Hardware Multi Access Methods

All Luchismart products have muilty access methods, such as RFID,Fingerprint, Luchismart Mobile App, Face detection, etc.

Workforce Management

Keeps your workforce on task and productive. Whenever they want to take a break, they just log out. No more forgetting to clock in/out, no more time sheets.

In and Out Tracking

Keeping people safe without sacrificing security is a top priority for all business and Organization .

Intrusion Detection

Luchismart Video Intercom and access control device makes it easy to keep track of your employees, tenants with an integrated video management system(VMS)

Capacity Management

Manage your workforce with ease. The Luchismart software is designed to help you manage your team capacity and enable your employees stay one step ahead of the game.

Attendance Management

Maximise your company's productivity. Safeguard your company's assets with Luchismart Cloudbase security and Attendance features.

Employee Productivity Management

Cloud-based access control and staff time and productivity tracking software that gives you the insights you need to reveal inefficiencies and ensure productivity.

Luchismart Hardwares

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Luchismart Controlpanel

The Engine of Luchismart Access control

Luchismart Visual Pro(LCV00)

Video intercom, Access control and Time Attendance

Mullion Smart Keypad Reader

Access control and Time Attendance

Luchi Biolock(LCB01)

Smart Lock

Luchismart Prop+ Plugin

Your Ultimate Real Estate Workflow Management Solution
Unlock the full potential of your real estate business with Luchismart Prop+ Plugin, the cutting-edge software designed to streamline and enhance your workflow from listing to closing. Whether you're a real estate agent, broker, or property manager, Luchismart Prop+ Plugin is your comprehensive solution for efficient, organized, and successful transactions.
Key Features:
  • Client Collaboration:
  • Enhance communication with clients through a dedicated portal. Keep them informed about property updates, documents, and important milestones throughout the transaction process.
  • Transaction Tracking:
  • Stay on top of every transaction with a robust tracking system. Monitor key stages of the real estate process, ensuring deadlines are met and transactions progress smoothly.
  • Document Management:
  • Say goodbye to paperwork chaos. Luchismart Prop+ Plugin allows you to upload, organize, and share documents securely, streamlining the approval process and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Task Automation:
  • Automate routine tasks and reminders, allowing you to focus on what matters most—building relationships and closing deals. Increase efficiency by eliminating manual, time-consuming processes.
  • Reporting and Analytics:
  • Gain valuable insights into your business performance. Track key metrics, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your real estate operations.
  • Customised Mobile App:
  • Manage your real estate business on the go. Luchismart Prop+ Plugin comes with a white label Mobile App for both tenants and staff logins, giving you the flexibility to access and update information anytime, anywhere.
  • Smart Vending:
  • with LuchiToken, real estate companies can easily vend resources such as electricity, water, and internet to tenants, tenants can easily make purches of these resource directly from their mobile app.


    Why Choose Luchismart Prop+ Plugin?

  • User-Friendly Interface:
  • Designed with simplicity in mind, our software is easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for users of all levels of technical expertise.
  • Scalability:
  • Whether you're a solo agent or part of a large brokerage, Luchismart Prop+ Plugin grows with your business. Adapt and scale your operations without worrying about outgrowing your software.
  • Security First:
  • Protecting sensitive information is our top priority. Luchismart Prop+ Plugin employs state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your data and ensure the privacy of your clients.

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    Real Estate Workflow, Physical tenants security access solution


    The Luchismart Difference

    Quickest, most trustworthy mobile access.

    Even during Internet and service outages, the patented Triple Unlock technology enables sub-second unlocks.

    Location tracking in real time

    With the help of Luchismart, you can monitor all of your employees' productivity, both on-site and remotely.

    Remote control of a system.

    From any web browser, on any device, wherever you are, you can manage your entire database.

    Productivity Control

    Scale your employees' output using Luchismart, and track it with Luchismart to boost your business' return on investment.

    Access and video combined.

    Strong visual verification with remote unlock, mobile monitoring, and two-way audio.

    Simple to install

    For a smooth installation, standard wiring replaces the need for servers or a separate IP network.

    For every door, clever security.

    Voice activation, video, and total access control.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • It depends on the device or your company needs, for example , if your company is a small business company of staff strength 10-20, and you are only in need of a Access control system, then Luchismart Basic and Standard version is suitable for you.

    • Yes, Luchismart Software has a LAN and a PC Solution.

    • Yes , if you wish to migrate your data to Another Platform, Luchismart will help you out to do that

    • Yes you can cancel your plan any time any day you like, or you can even migrate from Standard Version to Enterprise Version

    • Yes we offer 24/7 support for our Standard and Enterprise Versions. we only offer Email support for Our Basic Version

    • Our Standard version is primarily for Time and Attendance and productivity Tracking while the Enterprise Version is for both Cloud base Access control and Time and Attendance tracking & Prductivity.